My Ride

•June 11, 2009 • Leave a Comment

It used to be my ride, anyways. When I was still in the womb, my parents bought a 1974 Rambler Ambassador and drove it to the World Expo in Seattle. My dad loved that car. But the only one who appreciated it as much as he was my nephew, so when my dad died, we all knew that the Ambassador was going to C.

He drove it to high school. Everyone there thought it was a sweet ride and we all laughed. He took it to his high school graduation and then had it parked cause it seriously drained the gas budget lol. Plus, you can’t really 4×4 in the mountains in a wagon. 

Today he convocates from university. *pause for proud auntie moment* He has been planning these last 5 years to get this boat running again for his big day. And he did (with a little help from his folks for new front tires).

Oh the memories that I have from even just the smell of the inside of that car… I wonder how much it would take for him to sell it to me…




I hope today gets really hot so I can go burn my skin on those black seats in my shorts for old times’ sake lol.


Is buying fabric a craft?

•May 31, 2009 • 2 Comments

If so, I’ve accomplished plenty this weekend! Yesterday I stopped at Earthly Goods to get some inspiration for a quilt I’m going to make for our cat (more like a mat, as in ‘the cat sat on the mat instead of on the couch’). I scoured their 30% off bin and got a few remnants that are Amy Butler or matched Amy Butler 🙂 . J found some flannel with rubber ducks on it that she insisted she had to have. It was soft. What can I say. I think I just enabled my daughter to start her own fabric stash lol.

Tonight I hit the jackpot on craft sites… It just seemed like an unending series of interesting links… tutorials, giveaways, ideas…

I somehow started here (note the very cool arrow on the back of the quilt!) and ended up with a new to-do list of crafts lol. So far, the list is as follows:

So, ya, a very productive weekend in a very non-productive way. Oh, except I did manage to cut out the fabric pieces I had previously pinned for J’s little jacket I’m making out of an old Ottobre magazine. It is very pink. I’m making the pants to go with it. J has requested I make matching outfits for one of her babies and her stuffie chickie. That could be interesting. I’m not sure if I’m *that* good of a mom lol.

Astronauts and Antiquities

•March 13, 2009 • 3 Comments

Last night I finished a baby blanket for some friends’ baby. The baby is much cuter than the blankie, but that is to be expected 🙂

It was more square than this pic leads you to believe. Honestly it was.

astronaut quilt

Here is a close up of the fun part. I stippled stars and swirlies throughout the black background of the central piece.

close up


I don’t usually do hand-stitching that is visible, but I thought I would give it a try on this border. 

hand stitching


Yesterday I attended a talk on improving one’s photography skills so I felt inspired to pull out the camera and play with aperture settings. However, I realized that I *still* have to read some more of that huge honking manual so that I can figure out *how* to play with the aperture settings. In the meantime, I got some fun pics of the oldest thing we own. Not exactly an antiquity but still … it is from the Old World. 🙂

cup 1
cup 2


cup 4

cup 5

A Minnie Mouse dress for a mini mouse

•February 19, 2009 • 1 Comment

I LOVE looking at crafty blogs. So many people do amazing crafts! They make me want to make stuff, too, so I thought I would start my own crafty blog. 

First up… we’re heading off to Disneyland soon so I made my dd a Minnie Mouse dress. I headed to Marshall’s Discount Fabrics, thinking they have pretty much everything. I couldn’t find any red with white dots fabric, but I was fortunate to find this cute white with red dots fabric. I also bought a bunch of toile cause every floofy dress needs that! I got home and looked for a pattern (I know, I should buy fabric AFTER I know how much I need!). I found a pattern from an old Ottobre I had lying around, and added a crinolin I learned how to make here. I wrapped a headband with red ribbon and used a triangular piece of the leftover fabric for a big bow.

Put it all together…


Makes for a very spinny dress 🙂