Crochet Week

I’ve been busy this week making hats for my newest niece. She is a little sweetheart (only a few weeks old) and I promised her mommy that I would make her a few hats. So…

I started with this one. I kind of ran out of pink (oops) so I added the sparkly blue. It was kind of goofy looking until I thought to add the flower. It pulled it all together.














Next I tried something with a rim…








It was pretty simple and not a very exciting look.

Third, I wanted to do a cute panda…








Not bad… not bad at all! I was a little concerned about it but it turned out pretty well. The yarn is really thick so it is good that it is a bit bigger for in a few months when it gets cold outside.

Last one…








Everyone I showed the picture to said it looked like cake or ice cream lol. It is unique anyways!

And the grand total for all 4 hats…

less than $5!! I bought a big rubbermaid tub full of yarn from my mom’s backdoor neighbour’s garage sale for $5 last year. I’ve been using it for all sorts of things. woo hoo!


~ by thecraftster on August 24, 2011.

2 Responses to “Crochet Week”

  1. Nice little collection, and good deal on the yarn!! Love the panda. 🙂

    • thanks. since when did I get ads on my blog?? I’m going to have to change my background to not be black so they don’t stand out so much.

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