Baby Blanket Extravaganza

I have been busy quilting baby blankets … I made 2 in 2 weeks. Must be a record for me. And it was even during beautiful weather outside. Oh well. It had to be done. These baby girls are worth it!!

I got the fabric in a cute little quilting shop on the coast of Oregon this summer. The first blanket I made was with Moda’s Pip sherbet or something like that. Cute fabric with its little girls swinging and scooting around. And the puppies! I liked the idea of simple squares and rectangles… easy to sew!! But I had to throw in the minkie rows and of course that made it much more difficult to sew. That stuff is slippery to sew and hard to not pull. Fortunately, babies don’t usually pay that close attention to details and just love the soft feel 🙂






(didn’t have anyone around to hold up the quilt for me lol)


The second quilt I wanted to use little squares and made 2″ strips that I sewed together before cutting them into 2″ squares. Saves a lot of time and looks like a lot more work than it is lol.  I chose this fabric because my friend wasn’t saying if she was having a girl or a boy and I thought this would do nicely for either 🙂











My kids are busy making clay animations today and I’m going to make another photo book of our summer holiday… wondering if I should try to make a coffee table book with some of my best Greece pictures… I wonder if people actually buy books off of blurb??


~ by thecraftster on August 8, 2011.

One Response to “Baby Blanket Extravaganza”

  1. Great post! Love the quilts… the fabric on the first is so cute! Have you ever seen ? and I’m going to try to wrap my mind around what you were talking about regarding the second one with the 2 inch strips before cutting into squares thing later, sounds good to know!

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