My Ride

It used to be my ride, anyways. When I was still in the womb, my parents bought a 1974 Rambler Ambassador and drove it to the World Expo in Seattle. My dad loved that car. But the only one who appreciated it as much as he was my nephew, so when my dad died, we all knew that the Ambassador was going to C.

He drove it to high school. Everyone there thought it was a sweet ride and we all laughed. He took it to his high school graduation and then had it parked cause it seriously drained the gas budget lol. Plus, you can’t really 4×4 in the mountains in a wagon. 

Today he convocates from university. *pause for proud auntie moment* He has been planning these last 5 years to get this boat running again for his big day. And he did (with a little help from his folks for new front tires).

Oh the memories that I have from even just the smell of the inside of that car… I wonder how much it would take for him to sell it to me…




I hope today gets really hot so I can go burn my skin on those black seats in my shorts for old times’ sake lol.


~ by thecraftster on June 11, 2009.

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