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I made these awesome Christmas tree ornaments for my nephew and his wife. I saw the fabric on Spoonflower… Had to get it!

They turned out better than I expected lol!



Crochet Week

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I’ve been busy this week making hats for my newest niece. She is a little sweetheart (only a few weeks old) and I promised her mommy that I would make her a few hats. So…

I started with this one. I kind of ran out of pink (oops) so I added the sparkly blue. It was kind of goofy looking until I thought to add the flower. It pulled it all together.














Next I tried something with a rim…








It was pretty simple and not a very exciting look.

Third, I wanted to do a cute panda…








Not bad… not bad at all! I was a little concerned about it but it turned out pretty well. The yarn is really thick so it is good that it is a bit bigger for in a few months when it gets cold outside.

Last one…








Everyone I showed the picture to said it looked like cake or ice cream lol. It is unique anyways!

And the grand total for all 4 hats…

less than $5!! I bought a big rubbermaid tub full of yarn from my mom’s backdoor neighbour’s garage sale for $5 last year. I’ve been using it for all sorts of things. woo hoo!

Baby Blanket Extravaganza

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I have been busy quilting baby blankets … I made 2 in 2 weeks. Must be a record for me. And it was even during beautiful weather outside. Oh well. It had to be done. These baby girls are worth it!!

I got the fabric in a cute little quilting shop on the coast of Oregon this summer. The first blanket I made was with Moda’s Pip sherbet or something like that. Cute fabric with its little girls swinging and scooting around. And the puppies! I liked the idea of simple squares and rectangles… easy to sew!! But I had to throw in the minkie rows and of course that made it much more difficult to sew. That stuff is slippery to sew and hard to not pull. Fortunately, babies don’t usually pay that close attention to details and just love the soft feel 🙂






(didn’t have anyone around to hold up the quilt for me lol)


The second quilt I wanted to use little squares and made 2″ strips that I sewed together before cutting them into 2″ squares. Saves a lot of time and looks like a lot more work than it is lol.  I chose this fabric because my friend wasn’t saying if she was having a girl or a boy and I thought this would do nicely for either 🙂











My kids are busy making clay animations today and I’m going to make another photo book of our summer holiday… wondering if I should try to make a coffee table book with some of my best Greece pictures… I wonder if people actually buy books off of blurb??

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knitting project done!

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I found a really nice [free] tutorial online for a toque so I made it for my husband for Christmas. I finished it last night and I’m pretty happy with it. Not perfect, but better than most of my knitting projects!!















I really love the square-ness of it. I didn’t understand how to finish off the toque top, though. I never do. If someone wants to explain how you go from 8 stitches to done, I would appreciate it.



Miss Pink

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J loves pink. A lot. So, I bought some pink fabric to make her an outfit ummm a couple of years ago. I cut out the pieces near the beginning of summer and just realized that if I don’t get my rear in gear, she will have outgrown the pieces!! I finished it last week and am very happy with the result. I cut out a few steps from the original recipe, but did that to save time 🙂 I got it from an old Ottobre magazine.

front view

back view

She loves it. Tonight I was going through the scraps left over in my sewing room and decided to add a little purse to the outfit. She hasn’t seen that yet, but I know she will love it.

I hemmed pants todays

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Within a week of being asked, too!